What was involved in the Brief?

For this specific brief, my task was to carry out a detailed review of Australian Cultural Institutions; conduct comprehensive research on one that I considered would benefit most from a complete rebrand. This project helped me independently conceive and realise professional graphic design solutions for branding and identity, work confidently with the elements and principles of design across multiple branding and identity projects and collaborate effectively on creative, technical and organisational issues.

How did I approach the Brief?

For my Australian Cultural Institution, I decided to go with ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image). I carried out intensive research about who they were as a company, what they provided to the public and the location they were in. I looked into public feedback on who knows the building, who visits the building and if the current logo stood out to them and also asked current ACMI workers on their thoughts of the logo. With this information I carried out various designs that involved moving imagery and Melbourne styles. The identity I moved forward with was a replica of their current “arrow” which is shown around the building but doesn’t appear to be connected with anything. By choosing this piece, it allows the logo to be more involved with what the company aims to achieve as an Australian Cultural Institution and it could be easily manipulated to other colour schemes and different variations (similar to the now NGV identity).