What was involved in the Brief?

AGDA requires a new design for their upcoming seminars hosted in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The initial marketing collateral required is a set of three (3) printed posters, and three (3) Instagram image squares with accompanying scripts. The campaign will need a cohesive theme throughout the collateral and the marketing material will need to highlight some of the key points and issues surrounding each topic. AGDA would also like new seminar titles that are catchier and memorable would need to be thought of to replace the existing titles and to ensure visual consistency is maintained across all posters.

How did I approach the Brief?

The AGDA seminars were based on three topics which I decided to look into first, these included; legal requirements, safety and intellectual property. As these posters needed to be worked together, I wanted them to have a connection that would help viewers understand that AGDA was holding a three part seminar about working in a design studio and dealing with clients. I developed other illustrative designs but thought my final piece was something that would relate to the audience more and provided a balance between design and business. The way I worked through each illustrative piece was that I wanted to create a set of three designers all meeting up to the middle (first poster walking to the right, second standing still and third walking to the left). These designers were also “dressed up” to each specific seminar (a judge, a safety worker and a thief) and the costume choice and colour scheme were developed through my previous research. The headline is bold and draws attention and also makes the viewers think about each topic, while the details are on the bottom left which would be later seen through the hierarchy.